Episode 3

003 : Ken Encapsulated

Post Series: Podcast

Today’s episode continues with the second interview in my Legacy Series. I cover a lot of ground in this interview, however, my focus is mostly on what makes me who I am at the core.  I’m often asked what makes me different or what someone can do to duplicate the success I’ve enjoyed throughout my career.  I’m not really different from most people; we all have similar struggles in life – ups and downs. If we learn to trust in God, work hard, be honest and keep moving forward, things seem to work out.

Here are some of the things we cover in this episode:

  • My beginnings as an entrepreneur
  • The role that my wife Linda and the rest of my family play in my life
  • How losing my son impacted me
  • Lessons learned from a failed company
  • How I came to know God
  • Habits, hobbies and movies
  • My advice to entrepreneurs on how to succeed
  • And so much more



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