Episode 6

006: Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way

What does it really take to be successful in network marketing?  With over 45 years of experience in network marketing, I’ve seen what leaders do to become successful and to stay at the top.  I’ve also seen many people try to take shortcuts to the top and they never work.  In today’s episode I discuss the importance of developing your leadership qualities.  The only way you can be successful in this industry is by helping a lot of other people along the way.

Some of the topics I tackle in today’s episode:

  • Are leaders born or are they made?
  • Team building is critical to success, but teamwork includes being a team member not just trying to be the leader.
  • Why it’s important to learn how to mentor others and to choose good mentors for yourself.
  • What are the qualities and characteristics of a good leader.
  • Why you should identify your strengths early and learn to develop them.
  • Listen, listen, listen!
  • Get your ego out of the way.

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