My Journey Continues (Part 3) The Right Move At The Right Time

My Journey Continues (Part 3) The Right Move at the Right Time

  • July 23, 2015

We had been selling in the health food stores for almost 2 years.  I was always anxious to expand our product line and territory as I wanted to the revenues to increase.  I’m never content with where I’m at - I want to improve and get better. One of Gene’s friends, Frances Lyman, said, “Why don’t you start selling your products using network marketing - MLM?”  I’d heard of Amway and Shaklee but I didn’t know anything regarding this industry.  I met with Frances and we talked about it.  She said, “It’s person to person selling, and that will be better for your products.”  The biggest challenge was helping people understand what our products were, so it had to be one on one.  If they went to the health food store and looked on the shelf and saw cayenne pepper or chaparral, how were they going to know what it was for unless somebody told them? We were selling products, but it was slow growth.  I thought, well it makes sense - let’s try it!  So, we designed a new label with a new name on it.  We created a new compensation plan and launched it with Frances as our…

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My Journey Continues (Part 2)  Encapsulation Begins

My Journey Continues (Part 2) Encapsulation Begins

  • July 11, 2015

Early in 1972, having been discharged from the U.S. Army, I was desperately trying to figure out how I was going to support my wife and 2 small children.  Many times in my life, I have often said that I could never find a job, so I had to create my own.  This is the period of my life when this saying came about. One evening, Linda and I were visiting with several of her aunts and uncles.  We had pooled $1,050 to start a family business, but found that it wasn’t large enough. What kind of a business could we begin that wouldn’t require much money?  Linda’s Aunt Kristine spoke up and said, “Why don’t we put cayenne pepper in capsules?”  We all looked at her and I said, “Why would we want to do that?”  She said “Several years ago Gene (her husband) had surgery for his bleeding ulcers.  His doctor told him as he was being released, “We’ll see you for another surgery in a few years.”  This statement was depressing for Gene. That afternoon, a neighbor  saw that he was depressed and asked him why.  Gene repeated what the doctor had told him.  She responded, “There’s…

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My Journey With “The Invisible Hand Of God” (Part 1)

My Journey with “The Invisible Hand of God” (Part 1)

  • July 3, 2015

I want to take you on a journey that began with the herb chaparral and how it ultimately led to a new industry being born in North America.  The invisible hand of God started me down a path leading me one step at a time throughout my life. It all began in 1956, when my mother was dealing with a severe health issue.  A friend of hers living in Salt Lake City, UT told her that if she would take the leaves of a chaparral plant which grew in Southern Utah, brew it into a tea and drink it everyday her health issue would clear up and never re-occur.   We had been on summer vacation in Utah.  On our way home to California while driving through Southern Utah we saw how abundant this herb was coming right up to the side of the highway.  We stopped and stripped the leaves off of the plant until we had a large paper sack full.  I noticed that my hands were solid green.  It was hard to wash off. We arrived at home and my Mother was anxious to brew cups of tea for herself, my Father and me. I became the guinea…

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