When I Was A Superhero

When I was a Superhero

  • October 9, 2015

(Excerpt from my autobiography My Life Encapsulated) My childhood was really quite idyllic and full of the kind of play you don’t see as the norm these days with kids. We had no video games to occupy our time, no Internet, no cell phones, no social media. I played War with marbles or little plastic characters. I loved that game of War, and I played both sides, but one side was always “me” and, of course, it was the hero side. I’d play it on the wooden floor for hours at a time, learning strategies and just pretending. Life itself created patterns that enabled me to put my natural talents to good practice for strengthening the traits I would later need in business. What was a young boy who loved action movies to do? A certain amount of independence asserted itself into my life while I was still in elementary school. My father went back to school at the University of Utah to earn a PhD in metallurgy and organic chemistry, and my mother worked at the ZCMI credit department to support the family. I often visited her there at work after school, and her parents lived just a couple of…

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