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3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Mistake 1

Beginning with unrealistic expectations

You have huge goals – you’re going to change the world and while you’re at it become extremely wealthy within 6 months! I’m not saying to not dream big, but you can become overwhelmed before you even get started. Break your large goals into small steps and what you need to be doing on a daily and monthly basis. You probably aren’t going to have overnight success – starting and growing your own business takes hard work and persistence. Legendary coach John Wooden said, “It takes time to create excellence (success). If it could be done more quickly, more people would do it.”

Mistake 2

Expecting everyone around you to be excited for you

There will be those that are genuinely excited for you and encouraging in your circle. However, there will also be some who are doubtful and negative because they may have tried to build a business and failed. Other people may want you to fail because they are hoping to prove that the fears that are holding them back from trying a new venture or chasing a new dream are valid – they wouldn’t have succeeded anyway. When you do find success, be prepared that there will be those that are jealous. But there will also be those that say, “if he/she did it, then maybe I can too!” which may allow you to encourage and possibly mentor them.

Mistake 3

Trying to do it all by yourself

Our culture celebrates those who check off lists of multiple tasks each day. We are proud to say how busy, stressed and overwhelmed we are as if it were some badge of honor. This approach may very well cost you everything: your personal life, your business and all of your dreams as you get burned out trying to do too much. Build a team around you to support you. Is there anything that you can outsource? Make sure that you prioritize your list each day knowing that you may not get everything checked off your list. Look at incorporating some time management and task division strategies that will optimize your productivity. We live in an age where a wealth of information is at our fingertips through books, videos, podcasts, blogs etc. Don’t be afraid to ask someone that built a similar business for their advice. Some people invest in coaches that will help them set goals, give direction and hold them accountable. There are also industry conferences and personal development seminars that you can attend. You don’t have to do it alone.

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