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5 Cent Candy Bar

As a youth, my parents weren’t rich.  My Father was a school teacher and my Mother didn’t work outside our home.  When I was about 4 years old, I remember crossing the street with my Dad and holding his hand.  I looked up at him and asked “Dad, can you buy me a 5 cent candy bar? (tells you how old I am).”  He replied “Son, we can’t afford it.”  From that experience, I learned that I had to make my own way in life, that it wasn’t going to be given to me.  My parents would support me, but they wouldn’t make it easy for me.  I had to do it on my own.  They supported me in everything.  I had the best parents in the world.  These experiences started me on the path to success and instilled in me a strong work ethic at a young age.*
*this story was shared at Zija International’s 2014 Convention

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