6 Ways to Embrace Change

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou

Accept change

Change is an inevitable part of life and no matter how things are currently, the one constant in life is that things will change.  Personally, we are forever learning, aging, adapting and changing.

Why is it that so many of us are instantly repelled by the thought of change?  Embracing change in our lives is a major key to our success and happiness.

Analyze change

Is the change positive or negative?  How are these changes influencing your path?  Life can become stagnant and we can get too comfortable in our routine and become apathetic if we don’t seek to analyze things and make positive changes along the way.  Sometimes change can “shake things up” for the better.  Co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, said, “ironically, in a changing world, playing it safe is one of the riskiest things you can do”.  If you perceive the  change as negative, what can you do to  turn it into something positive?

Be proactive

It is better to initiate change than to let your life progress down a negative path until the change affects you dramatically.  If change happens that you didn’t influence, you are much more likely to feel like you are being dragged through life.  Explore new opportunities to face your concerns and fears head on.  Don’t hide from or avoid change.  There are plenty of things out there that are potentially life-enhancing.  Know where you are going and accept that you will have to make adjustments to your plans along the way.

Be positive

Feeling sorry for yourself and blaming others for your circumstances is counterproductive.  Avoid being a victim of change.  Yes, change can be very difficult, especially when a major loss is involved – loss of a loved one/friend, trust, business, money or health.  Reach out to your family, friends and mentors for advice on dealing with changes that you are struggling with.  If you get really depressed and can’t pull yourself out of it, then please seek professional help.

Fail forward

Many of us have been taught that failure is bad.  If you don’t ever take any risks then you probably won’t fail.  If you talk to and/or study the lives of very successful people, most of them will admit that they failed their way to success and it’s part of the success journey.  They understand that failure isn’t always a negative thing.  When they failed, they learned to ask the question, “what can I learn from this?” therefore helping them avoid making the same mistakes in the future. They didn’t let failure derail them in their pursuit of success.

Check your ego

Often the biggest roadblock to change is you.  Sometimes change can bruise your ego.  To be proactive, evaluate the downside of pursuing change if it doesn’t work out.  If your primary concerns are that people will criticize or laugh at you, it’s time to be more confident.  Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese philosopher, stated, “care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner”. If a change outside your control has bruised your ego, you may need to do some serious self-reflection as to why you feel that way and how to best move forward.


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