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I’ve always loved to fly!

I understand what Leonardo da Vinci meant when he said, “For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will long to return.”

In the early 1970’s, I achieved one of my dreams by securing a pilot’s license for small aircraft.  Over the next few years, I owned a Cessna 172 then a Piper Cherokee. When a colleague of mine crashed his small plane and was killed, I weighed the responsibilities of being a family man and running a company that relied on me with my aviation hobby.  It was a tough decision, but I opted to sell my plane and fly on larger commercial airplanes.

Over the past four decades, I’ve touched 6 of our 7 continents and visited over 30 countries.  Recently, I had another dream fulfilled when I purchased a Bombardier Challenger 604 so that I can travel the world meeting Zija International distributors, travel on vacation with my family and conduct my other business ventures.  As I contemplate while writing this blog, I’m on my inaugural trip in my new plane hitting 6 cities in 6 days for my Zija Founder Tour.

To have my own plane is to have freedom.  Time is such a precious commodity and as I grow older, I don’t want to waste a single minute. My new plane is essentially a tool that helps me get to the places I need to be faster, and on my own terms. With my busy schedule, it also allows me to accomplish more.

Many people create a dream board with actual photos and words on it of what they want to achieve in their lives.  Some people are visual and find this really motivates them, especially placing their dream board somewhere in their office or home where they will see it daily.  I don’t have a physical dream board, but I always have it in my mind what dreams I’m striving for.  I enjoy hearing other’s dreams and how Zija or another one of my companies have helped them achieve their dreams.

My parents instilled in me that I could achieve anything that I set out to do.  My wife Linda has believed in and supported me so that I could achieve my dreams for which I express my gratitude.  Please recognize that you can be a great support to your family and friends in believing in and helping them to reach their dreams.

Henry David Thoreau penned, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined.”  I sincerely hope that you come to live the life that you are dreaming about and wish you much success and happiness.

Keep dreaming!

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  1. Diane Richter

    I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason… God put you in my life to share the blessings of Zija Moringa Oleifera…
    Thank you Kenneth Brailsford for taking a look at Moringa Oleifera and realizing this little tree could be the answer to so many prayers… It has given me back a quality of life I never thought possible… After living the past thirty three years with multiple chronic illnesses… Give your body the nutrition it needs and it tends to self correct… I’m living proof of this fact…
    My Dream Is To Be A Blessing To Someone Everyday… To Spread Love Wherever I Go… Let No one Ever Come To Me Without Leaving Happier…

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