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The Fearless Mind

For my October Book of the Month, I’m recommending The Fearless Mind: 5 Essential Steps to Higher Performance by Craig Manning. Anyone can benefit from the lessons that author and sports psychologist Craig Manning teaches whether or not you are an athlete. If you want to conquer your fears and insecurities, gain more confidence and become more successful in any endeavor in your life, pick up this book and thank me later.


Life is a performance whether you’re on the field, in the courtroom, or running a small business. However, many of us, when asked to perform, are overcome by fear. We lose our confidence and allow our insecurities to hinder us. In The Fearless Mind: 5 Essential Steps to Higher Performance, author Craig Manning teaches you how to beat mediocrity and embrace greatness. With many years of experience as a pro tennis player, collegiate tennis coach, and doctor of philosophy, Dr. Manning will help you overcome your fears, expel anxiety, build confidence, and become a high-performing individual. You will learn how to unlock your mind to reach your greatest dreams. Craig Manning says, “there are many mental pathways to performance, but there is only one pathway to true success–having a fearless mind”.


Dr. Craig Manning is a Human Performance Consultant and the bestselling author of The Fearless Mind: 5 Essential Steps to Higher Performance. He was an Adjunct Professor of Performance Psychology at Brigham Young University for over 15 years and a Mental Strength Coach for the University’s athletic department. His clients include Red Bull, US Ski and Snowboarding teams, the Milwaukee Bucks and corporate organizations around the world.





The Fearless Mind: 5 Essential Steps to Higher Performance can be purchased HERE.

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