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Have you ever watched a soccer match or as most of the world calls it fútbol?  The frenetic fans in a sold out stadium go absolutely wild when a goal for their team is scored.  This is the case in any sport when a goal is scored, a shot is made or a point won.  Setting and accomplishing goals can be likened to a sports team. The coach is your mentor to encourage and give you direction, your team is in place to work together with you and fans cheer you on to accomplish the goal of winning the game.  It would be impossible to win a soccer game all by yourself – you need your team! This is the magical thing about the MLM industry and why its model has been so successful worldwide. Being part of a team is not only encouraged, but necessary and critical to succeed.  Everyone intrinsically has a need to be part of a group where they feel appreciated, can contribute, thrive and most importantly that they belong.

I can honestly attribute my habit of daily reviewing and setting goals to my success. How I manage my goals is by making a list of large, overarching goals that I want to accomplish, then breaking them down into intermediate goals then into micro goals.  For example, I want Zija International to become a billion dollar company – this is a huge goal!  So, currently I’m looking at reaching my intermediate goal to help Zija become a $500 million dollar company within the next 2 years.  Some of my micro goals are to increase the rate of growth month over month, evaluate how many new products we need to develop and what kinds of events are needed and when to have them.  Remember, micro goals are goals that you are working on now.

If you’re a new Zija distributor, you probably want (I hope you do) to reach Diamond rank.  This could be your large goal.  Intermediate goals would then be to hit Bronze, Gold, White Gold, etc. Some examples of potential micro goals could be:

  • How many people will I talk to about the Zija/Améo opportunity today, this week?  How many will I enroll?
  • How much product will I sell this week?
  • What do I want to learn from my upline this week?
  • How many conference calls am I going to listen to and setup?
  • What personal development book will I read this month?
  • What events am I attending this month and how many people will I bring with me?
  • How will I mentor those in my downline this week?

French author Antoine De Saint-Exupéry said “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  I’ve never been one to throw pennies in a wishing well or just hope that things will happen.  I’m always putting plans in place, reviewing and adjusting as necessary to accomplish my goals.  It’s crucial that you set deadlines as part of your plan. What happens if my plans fail or have setbacks?  Do I give up? Absolutely not!  As Winston Churchill is famous for saying “Never, never, never give up!”  You will have failures and frustrations as this is part of life.  These difficulties in our lives can temporarily derail us for a time, but they can also strengthen us if we allow them to. We must push forward with optimism and a strong belief that we can do it!  Surround yourself with positive people that will cheer you on, trust your mentors and lean on your team for support.

Reach for the stars and dream big! I, for one, will be cheering you on!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
Wayne Gretzky

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  1. Erika Clover

    Thank you.

  2. Ken Miller

    In November I shared this with a gathering of Zija distributors: At the very height of the Battle of Britain, when thousands of Britons were dying under the bombardment of the Luftwaffe and it seemed hopeless for Britain, the London Times editorial page appeared with just this line from G. K. Chesterton’s epic poem, The Ballad of the White Horse, “I tell you not for your desire, yeah, nor for your comfort, save that the sky grows darker yet and the sea rises higher.”

    The inspirational part of this was unwritten but understood by the British people, that they had what it took to see it through, and that they had a brave leader in Winston Churchill who would never, never, never give up. I hope you have enjoyed the drawing of him I gave you.

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