Is Technology Destroying Your Relationships?

Our world has tremendously benefitted from the development of technology. Medical and scientific advances, business process efficiencies and increased profits, global marketing/communication, more effective education and increased innovation are just a few ways technology has enhanced humanity.

On the other hand, technology can negatively influence our life. To just name a few – disconnecting from the physical world can lead to lack of exercise and therefore obesity and poor health, lack of social interaction/human connection, a warped sense of reality, anxiety and poor self-esteem due to comparison, overload of information, shortened attention span, constant distraction, and a sense of isolation potentially causing depression.

Instead of spending time in person with family, friends and business associates, we just email, text or instant message them. It may seem more efficient, but we ultimately end up talking with or seeing others face-to-face a lot less. Yes, most of us use technology to get our work done which is necessary. However, how much time do we spend surfing the internet, reading and posting on social media, watching videos and movies for sheer entertainment etc.? Now don’t get me wrong, I love to watch a good movie now and then and I understand the need to escape from stress and unwind at the end of a busy day. But, as in all things in life, moderation is key.

Lately in the news, I have noticed more talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence). How much automation replaces people in the future remains to be seen? Just because technology can replace a human worker doesn’t mean that it would always be a positive thing. Somehow, I don’t see myself shaking hands with a robot to make a business deal.

I’m attending my company Zija International’s Convention this week. Could we livestream a convention stage with speakers and breakout sessions that could be watched remotely by our attendees? Yes, of course we can do that with the amazing technology that is available to us. However, there is no replacing the opportunity that I will have to personally talk with, take photos with and shake hands with our incredible independent distributors. There is a camaraderie and energy among the attendees that has tremendous significance for all to feel part of our company. It is very beneficial for our distributors to meet with their teams in person to strengthen their relationships/friendships.

Despite the negativity about technology that I’ve pointed out, the ability to digitally communicate globally has been huge for International companies and network marketing independent distributors. Leaders can not only build a strong national team, but also an international one and support them through conference calls, virtual meetings etc.

I believe that inherently we have a human need for connection and meaningful relationships. So I challenge you to set aside time each day to walk away, set down or turn off whatever tech you are using for a designated time and give your undivided attention and time to those that are important to you.


“The business of life is human connection.”

Robin Sharma

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