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Looking Back…Looking Forward

One year ago I launched my website and wrote my first blog post. I started blogging because I wanted to share insights and lessons that I’ve learned regarding entrepreneurship, personal development and leadership. I’ve been pondering what I’ve done and learned this past year and what I’m looking forward to this next year.

My website, blog and posting on social media have enabled me to reach many people. I’ve appreciated hearing from people through their liking my posts and their comments. It’s amazing to think about the global influence everyone can have through these channels. What a powerful way to build a network and your businesses! The world has come a long way since I started doing business in the 70’s.

What an incredible opportunity it was to write my memoirs My Life Encapsulated: The Path to Success last Summer. I had been meaning to write this book for years, but knew that last year was the right time to do it. I wrote the book to tell my story and for the readers, not for myself.  I’ve heard many positive reviews which is always nice to hear.

Writing my blog led me to write my Manifesto. This document is a culmination of the principles, values and practices that have helped make me who I am. I also created a template for others to create their own manifesto.

It was exciting to produce the movie Christmas Eve with my friend Mitch Davis and a wonderful cast and crew. This movie was inspirational and I hope that many people enjoyed it.

My company Zija International had a great convention last Fall in Salt Lake City, UT. Our nutritional products and business opportunity are blessing countless lives across the world.

So, what am I looking forward to?

  • Posting inspirational quotes and blogging on a regular basis
  • Inviting others to be guest bloggers on my blog as well as sharing articles and other blogs that will benefit my audience
  • Looking for ways to expand my followers and reach more people
  • Recommending books for my book of the month (and doing a lot of reading which I Iove)
  • Working with my friend Mitch on another movie (more details to come)
  • Attending Zija International’s Summit in September to celebrate our 10 year anniversary
  • Reading feedback from my followers and listening to what content they want to see
  • Investing in companies to save and create jobs
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Making new friends
  • Traveling somewhere new
  • Doing church service and humanitarian work
  • Living Life Unlimited #lifeunlimited

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I would love to hear from my readers what they think of my blog, social media etc. and if they have any requests for what content they want to see in the future. I’m looking forward to sharing more insights this next year.


All my best,


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  1. Kent Trobaugh

    Thank You for Zija! ~K

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