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My Journey with “The Invisible Hand of God” (Part 1)

I want to take you on a journey that began with the herb chaparral and how it ultimately led to a new industry being born in North America.  The invisible hand of God started me down a path leading me one step at a time throughout my life.

It all began in 1956, when my mother was dealing with a severe health issue.  A friend of hers living in Salt Lake City, UT told her that if she would take the leaves of a chaparral plant which grew in Southern Utah, brew it into a tea and drink it everyday her health issue would clear up and never re-occur.   We had been on summer vacation in Utah.  On our way home to California while driving through Southern Utah we saw how abundant this herb was coming right up to the side of the highway.  We stopped and stripped the leaves off of the plant until we had a large paper sack full.  I noticed that my hands were solid green.  It was hard to wash off. We arrived at home and my Mother was anxious to brew cups of tea for herself, my Father and me. I became the guinea pig because my Father after walking into the room and seeing the green haze in the kitchen from my Mother boiling the tea leaves, immediately turned around and exited, never willing to drink the tea that not only looked bad but smelled bad.  Because my mother had a finicky stomach, she looked at me and I knew that I would have to be the guinea pig and drink the first cup.  I looked at the cup of green tea wondering if I would, first of all, be able to drink it and second, if it would stay down.  I had heard that if you pinched your nose and didn’t smell something you wouldn’t taste it.  And so my plan was to pinch my nose and gulp in as few of swallows as possible.  I followed this course of action, leaned over the sink, felt the rumble as it hit my stomach and waited for it to come back up.  Fortunately, it didn’t. My mother then had the courage to drink hers.  Everyday for the next several months, when I would come home from school my cup of chaparral tea would be sitting on the counter waiting for me.  During that time, I regretted having picked so many of the leaves.  When we completed the last horrible cup of tea, neither my mother nor I ever mentioned that we should get some more.  Unbeknownst to me at the time until years later, was that my mother’s health condition totally reversed itself and she never had the condition the rest of her life.  I also noticed that my skin cleared up and remained cleared up for several months after that.

The next step on my journey takes place once again in Utah in 1972.  Read next week’s blog as my journey continues…

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  1. Bronwyn Martin

    A seed was definately planted at that young age, and you probably didn’t realise it. What a difference this is making in so many people’s lives. Thank you

  2. Susan Gordon

    Hi Ken, I am sure glad the Zija Premium tea tastes good. Don’t know about Chaparral Tea. Your Story was Very Interesting, and Informative (where do I get some of this Chaparral Tea? Also Funny! It is awesome that it healed your Mother and helped you too. Very interesting and Well told Blog Post! -Susan

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