The Path to Success – Ken Brailsford

My Life Encapsulated is the story of a boy who came from humble beginnings to revolutionize the health and wellness industry. This memoir takes you on a journey that shows the experiences that shaped this extraordinary man and how the hand of God led him along.

At times humorous and spiritual, Ken’s life story shows what one man can do when his ambitions reflect the will of his Creator and his heart is in the right place. Best of all, this book will inspire entrepreneurs everywhere to believe in themselves and that they can live a life unlimited.


Dan Clark

“My Life Encapsulated: The Path to Success is a masterpiece — a detailed collection of memories, game changing events, and monumental moments, both public and private, that a special man experienced, which introduced improved health and wellness, personal and leadership development, financial security and an elevated life of unlimited opportunities to millions of people worldwide. But most importantly, this book is an insightful look into the mind and motivation that molded this man, and an up close and personal glance at the heart and soul of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the twenty-first century.” – Dan Clark

My Life Encapsulated is a motivating collection of memories, events and moments detailing how Ken Brailsford has become one of the World's Most Successful Network Marketing Entrepreneurs. This book will:

Show you how one man’s vision changed an entire industry
Give you glimpses of how God’s hand has directed Ken’s life
Examine life lessons Ken has learned and what he did with them
Identify how you can incorporate success principles in your life
Inspire you to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams
Take you up close and personal into the mind of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st century

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