Company Description

From concept to operation, Geopower operates multiple alternative energy assets such as biogas, clean coal, heat recovery, mini-hydro, and biomass. Currently operating in the USA and Asia, Geopower’s power generation projects are designed to be long-term, consistent, and reliable with seamless cashflow.

The Company’s board and management comprise of experienced professionals with a proven track record and the ability to finance and develop energy projects, with a highly pragmatic and commercial approach to the sector. Geopower has a particular interest in alternative energy due to opportunities to exploit high profit margins, though select high yielding conventional energy projects will also be developed. Geopower has a global outlook to seek the highest yielding opportunities, balanced against country specific risks. Geopower favors an approach where reputable, well-established local joint venture partners are engaged to provide valuable local knowledge and maximize the efficiencies of project development and ownership.

Company Details

Using turnkey project development, Geopower creates a positive environmental, economic and social impact in a variety of ways.

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