If your dreams aren’t large enough to scare you, they are too small!



Without a person making a commitment to himself or someone else, nothing great will be achieved.  Of course there are various types of commitments.  They vary from weak ones to large ones, unattached ones or strongly, emotional ones.  An unattached weak one might be a New Year’s resolution.  Few of these are ever strong enough to drive a person on – to make it so important that it is ever or rarely accomplished.  I believe a commitment must be attached to a strong belief to make it work.  The price must be worth the result.  To lose ten pounds isn’t worth the price of starving ourselves for the couple of months that would be required and then, maybe, we subconsciously think that we’d put it right back on again.

How can we make such a commitment stronger?  I recommend that a commitment be made to another person who will encourage us on.  Now, it is getting stronger and has a greater likelihood  of happening.  What if our doctor tells us to lose the weight or we’ll be dead within 6 months?  Would we commit to do it and have the greatest chance of reaching that objective?  Of course, because then our life is on the line.  

So when you make a commitment that has great meaning to you, get others involved in that decision that will hold you to it and monitor your success.  In a very real way, if you are truly emotional about it, it will scare you.  Then you know you have a challenge that you must achieve and it will be something that will truly bless your life.


With such a strong commitment, you will need the courage to make it happen.  At first, it may and should scare you.  That is okay.  With thought and prayer to muster the inward strength to do it, that courage will come.  Those that got you to make the commitment should encourage you on.  Even if you slip, as we all will at times, pick yourself up and move on.  Never let discouragement stop you.  Nothing great was ever achieved without setbacks along the path.  Remember, it is not how many times you fall down that counts, but how many times you get up.  Think about Thomas Edison falling down 4999 times with the invention of the light bulb.  He got up 5000 times.  He was a great inventor because when he committed to invent something great, he never gave up.  Winston Churchill’s famous quote, “never, never, never give up” should be our mantra.  If it is, the courage will come, maybe not at once, but soon.


With a strong and emotional commitment and courage we will gain the capability to stretch and reach our goal.  Think of some great athletes that you know about.  Capability didn’t come all at once, sometimes it took years to become great.  Was it worth the effort and time?  They’ll say yes.  I’ve often wondered how many people dropped out along that path, trying to become capable of something monumental, but never had it happen, thinking, perhaps, that it was unachievable for them.  How would their lives have been so much different had they continued working to become capable of that goal?


As capability is reached, the capacity will also appear to make it happen.  We will be amazed and thrilled as we are traversing this path.  


As we move forward our confidence in achieving what we started out to achieve will increase, becoming  greater and greater until all of a sudden we are there.

At that point, do we have confidence in all aspects of our life?  No, only with that one thing we began and achieved in a masterful way.  We must then start on this same path over and over again with all that we want to do in life that will help us to become successful.  With time, repeating this journey over and over, we will master life and become more than we ever thought we could become and do.  Others will look at us and be amazed, some naysayers saying, “I didn’t think he or she could do that”.  They’ll be the same ones that will tell you that you can’t do the next great thing.  But you know that you can because you understand the path that you must follow, and since you have followed it before, you can do it again.  I know that you can!


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  1. Rita

    Love this article. It’s so perfect for me and my son right now. We are both in transition again and it’s refreshing to be reminded of all the work it’s going to take to get there. It’s also awesome and a true Blessing to have the Encouragement that we need to move. Sometimes we get stuck or stagnant in our lives…..God’s placing the stones in front of us but we are afraid to take the steps needed to begin the next journey. Thank you for your Love for humanity, we are strangers, but your work has such amazing impact on and in our lives.

  2. Joy hyun

    I would like to share goodwill with Zija…

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