The Power of Events

Last week I had the great honor to attend and speak at Zija International’s Summit convention. Over the years, I have been to many conventions for companies that I’ve owned as well as other organizations’ events. The incredible energy that I feel from attendees never ceases to amaze me.

Why are events so important to attend?

  • By attending the event you are showing your support and setting an example to your team
  • The company will outline their vision and goals for the future
  • Exciting announcements will be made such as new products, technology, sales tools etc. You will be one of the first to get this information and be able to purchase the new products/tools
  • You will receive in-depth sales and product training from corporate leaders and top distributors
  • You will participate in celebrating rank advancements whether your own or your teams
  • You will hear other’s inspiring stories about how the products and business opportunities have blessed their lives
  • You will feel a greater camaraderie with company employees and your team which hopefully leads to greater teamwork, trust and a feeling of “family”
  • You will be motivated, educated and energized to return home to build your business

I believe that nothing replaces the chance to look someone directly in the eyes when you meet them, shake their hand or give them a hug, take photos and listen to their stories.

To my Zija family (corporate employees and independent distributors) I want to say THANK YOU for being on this journey with me to spread our message of the Natural Health Revolution and living “Life Unlimited”. The world will be blessed for your efforts.

So until I see you all at next year’s Summit event, make sure you support your local and regional Zija events.

All my best,



Note: This blog is written for a network marketing audience, but I think that many things that I mention can be applied to other industries.




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