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Things You May Not Know about Ken

Ken’s wife Linda shared some things that you may not know about him.

  • Favorite food – salad from a salad buffet
  • Favorite snack – banana cream pie
  • Name one favorite thing to do together – go to a movie
  • Favorite thing to do to unwind – take a bath with Améo essential oils and feed the fish, ducks and geese at their pond in Park City, UT
  • Favorite places he’s traveled to – anywhere with historical significance
  • Where he would love to travel most? Israel “The Holy Land”
  • What does he collect?  He collects books, rare documents and art
  • What is his favorite thing to do?  Read, he loves to read and is always reading multiple books.
  • Please share something quirky about him – he loves his kids or grandkids to scratch his head
  • What is the best gift to get him?  A gift card to a bookstore
  • What did you think about Ken when you first met him? “He was the smartest young man I’d ever been around.”
  • Why do you think he’s been so successful? “He’s driven and he sets goals for himself daily.”

by Darci Moss

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  1. jeongim hyun

    I am so happy with Zija & Ken…..

  2. Debbie Breen

    We have 2 things in common, reading and daily goals 🙂 I believe Ken is the reason we will succeed with Zija. As for banana cream pie ( yuk ) lol

  3. Margo Buscher

    Thanks for following God’s leading.

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