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Welcome to my Blog

I’m excited to launch this blog!

This is a place where I’ll be sharing some of the greatest lessons and insights I’ve learned throughout my life regarding leadership and personal development, give glimpses into my personal life, advice about entrepreneurship as well as featuring guest bloggers that have valuable contributions as well.  I hope that this will make a difference in your life and help you become successful in whatever endeavors you are pursuing. Please check back often and share this blog with others as I’ll be adding posts weekly.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I post and tweet daily.

I’m focused on your success and growth and look forward to hearing from you via your comments!

Best Regards,


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  1. Marva Aycock

    Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for your vision, your dedication and your commitment to making Zija THE BEST in EVERY area!! My heart, my mind, my gratitude, my sense of responsibility are so full and overflowing!! Last weekend in Las Vegas wan an earth shattering awakening to the profound opportunity we have been given and even more the responsibility we have to share with everyone we know!! I’m looking forward to seeing you o the 15th in Texas!!

  2. Britten McDowell

    Thank you for the value you continually pour into others and teaching me how to be a better leader and person of significance!!!

  3. Jeannie Kirby

    This is a great start, I look forward to reading future blogs from you. Always an inspiration to grow.

  4. Stephanie Coomer

    Thank you so very much for pouring into us! I admire your integrity! I am excited to grow my business from your teachings as well as the other great leaders in this phenomenal company. I look forward to meeting you in Louisville. Thank you again for all you do! God bless you.

  5. Anthea Noonan

    Thank you Sir… For you vision and for your leadership! I look forward to meeting you some day soon, and carrying on in my day to day… as a much happier and healthier and $$ stable person (family) because of you! Humble regards… And many thanks for starting this blog!

  6. Steve Yuzenko

    You are so respected & reverted by do many, that some may perceive a lack of communication by you as arrogance or snobbery. Your blogs & posts, I’m confident, will bring you much closer to those who look up to you. (And hopefully bring you much closer to them!)
    Thank you!

    1. Steve Yuzenko

      revered (not reverted) 🙂

  7. Jacqui Tracy

    Looking forward to learning, sharing and taking action.
    Many Blessings

  8. Carla Harmer

    Hi Mr. Brailsford.
    I can’t wait to read your inspirational stories!

  9. Ben Hinton

    thank you sharing you success and keeping clues for others.

  10. Brenda Thomas

    Thanks Ken Brailsford for all you do.

  11. Ruth Claybrooks

    Ken your vision and mission gives so much hope for us all. I feel truly blessed to know you and be apart of your dreams as I “March Forth”! God Bless you Mr Ken Brailsford!

  12. Homer & Sarah Krehbiel

    Thank you Ken Brailsford for all that you are, and all that you do! You are an amazing leader and inspiration to us!

  13. Molly Teixeira

    I thank my Heavenly Father for his invisible hand in all our lives!!! Thank you Mr. Ken Brailsford for following the path God laid out in front of you. A true inspiration, you are. I appreciate you so very much.
    Molly Teixeira
    Team Courageous!
    One Step Forward…

  14. Sarah Krehbiel

    I truly appreciate all that Ken Brailsford has done and is doing for mankind.

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