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What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is both challenging and rewarding. Our society sometimes glamorizes entrepreneurs by talking about their easy and rich lifestyle of working a few hours when they want, in their home office, in their pajamas – a life of leisure if you will. I’m not saying that this couldn’t become the case eventually if that is what your dream is, but first you will need to be realistic and dedicated to work really hard and smart to make it happen. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. I want to highlight 2 important things that I think you need as an entrepreneur to succeed:

1. Willing to take risks

If you are seriously considering entrepreneurship, then you instinctively know that it is risky and yet it still appeals to you. You know that this may not work out, but you’re willing to give it everything you’ve got. In the past, you have been willing to try new things when others wouldn’t. You know that taking big chances has the potential to win big victories and this is exciting to you, not discouraging. You’ve taken other risks in your life that have worked out. (This shouldn’t be the first big risk that you take in your life.)

2. Look at failure as a learning experience

You most likely look at failure as an opportunity to grow. You know that no failure is wasted as long as you ask yourself, What did I learn? Think back on the business failures that you have had in your life – how did you handle them? Did you learn and grow from them or did they derail or crush you? If you have the mindset of looking at failure as bad and to avoid it at all costs, then you might want to reconsider entrepreneurship.


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