What our Dad taught us

Yesterday, I sat down with Ken’s daughters, Sheri and Lisa, to ask them about what they’ve learned from their Dad.  Here are some snippets:



“We were taught that sweeping the floor wasn’t beneath him and it shouldn’t be beneath us.”

“He loves a challenge and taught us to not be afraid to challenge ourselves.”

“Be the best you can be!”

“If someone told him he couldn’t do something, that would push him to try harder.”

“He taught us kids to dream and that if we focused we could achieve anything.”

“In regards to achieving our dreams, he never said you can’t do that.”

“You go for it, we’re here to support you!”

“Because we lost our brother Kenny suddenly and unexpected, we now cherish our time together as a family even more.”

“We can call him anytime of day, even in the middle of the night, and he will make time for us.”

“Having worked at Zija corporate, I saw that he created a culture at Zija – family first.”



“We learned perseverance from his example.  He never gave up.  We saw him at his lowest and highest. He never was defeated and just kept going.”

“He tells me all the time that he’s so proud of me for going back to school to get my nursing degree.  It makes me want to work harder to make both of my parents proud.”

“We love to hear him speak – at church or at conventions. Anywhere he speaks he’s always inspiring and motivational.”

“He took my sisters and me to NYC a few years ago for a trip with just him.  We were there less than 24 hours when he got a call that his Father was seriously ill, so we jumped on the next plane home.  Family is the most important thing to him.”



“We think that he’s the world’s best Dad and our Mom is the world’s best Mom!  We are blessed.”


Stay tuned for future posts to hear from Ken’s other children…
by Darci Moss

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  1. simon peter

    Share with me.

    1. Renee Cottonreader

      Posts like these give me a great appreciation for you Ken, your character and your generosity. Thank you. It was awesome to see, hear and take a picture with you in Las Vegas this past weekend. God bless you, your family and the whole of Zija Nation. I continue to pray for you.

      Renee C

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